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A Selection of Repository Publications

O'Donnell, D. and Simpson, J. and Scholey, C. and Back, T. and Greenlees, P.T. and Jakobsson, U. and Jones, P. and Joss, D.T. and Judson, D.S. and Julin, R. and Juutinen, S. and Ketelhut, S. and Labiche, M. and Leino, M. and Nyman, M. and Page, R.D. and Peura, P. and Rahkila, P. and Ruotsalainen, P. and Sandzelius, M. and Sapple, P.J. and Saren, J. and Thomson, J. and Uusitalo, J. and Watkins, H.V. (2009) First observation of excited states in Hg-175(95). Physical Review C, 79 (5). -. ISSN 0556-2813
Chauvet, A. and Laclair, J. and Holden, S.L. and Elliott, D.A. and German, A.J. (2009) Exercise and Active Client Motivation Improve Rate of Weight Loss in Obese Dogs. In: ACVIM Forum 2009, Canada.
Wright, JP and Ivanova, E and Pham, DK and Filipponi, L and Viezolli, A and Suyama, K and Shirai, M and Tsunooka, M and Nicolau, DV (2003) Positive and Negative Tone Protein Patterning on a Photo-base Generating Polymer. Langmuir, 19 (2). pp. 446-452. ISSN 07437463
Cowley, RA and Lucas, CA (1990) X-Ray-Scattering From Surfaces And Interfaces. Faraday Discussions (89). pp. 181-190. ISSN 0301-7249
Dennis, DJC and Seraudie, C and Poole, RJ (2013) Controlling vortex breakdown in swirling pipe flows: experiments and simulations. In: DFD2013, David L. Lawrence Convention Centre.
Cirlin, G.E. and Dubrovskii, V.G. and Samsoneke, Yu B. and Bourauleuv, A.D . and Durose, K. and Proskuryakov, Y.Y. and Budhikar, Mendes and Bowen, L. and Kaliteevski, M.A. and Abram, R.A . and Zeze, Dagou (2010) Self catalysed pure zincblende GaAs nanowires grown on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy. Phys Reve B, 82. 035302.
Jones, FMA (2014) 'Roman Gardens, Imagination, and Cognitive Structure'. Mnemosyne, 67. -. ISSN 0026-7074 (In Press)
Lobban, Fiona and Gamble, Carol and Kinderman, Peter and Taylor, Lee and Chandler, Claire and Tyler, Elizabeth and Peters, Sarah and Pontin, Eleanor and Sellwood, William and Morriss, Richard K. (2007) Enhanced relapse prevention for bipolar disorder – ERP trial. A cluster randomised controlled trial to assess the feasibility of training care coordinators to offer enhanced relapse prevention for bipolar disorder. BMC Psychiatry, 7. ISSN 1471-244X
(2009) Validation of enamel erosion in vitro. J Dent, 37 (5). pp. 336-41. ISSN 0300-5712 (Print)

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