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New versions and editing old versions - what's the difference? (Martin Wolf) [published on Fri, 10 Apr 2015]

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Blagojevic, Bojan and Antic, Dragan (2014) Evidences of Taenia asiatica cysticercosis presence in the European Union? Food Control, 46. pp. 544-545. ISSN 09567135
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Burrows, R. (2002) ‘A note on potential failure risk from small air pocket accumulations of outfall pipelines subject to pressure surge’. In: IAHR/IWA 2nd International Conference on Marine Waste Water Discharges.
O'Neill, P.M. , Miller, A. , Bickley, J.F. , Scheinmann, F. , Chang, H.O. and Posner, G.H. (1999) Asymmetric syntheses of enantiomeric 3-p-fluorophenyl 1,2,4-trioxane analogues of the antimalarial artemisinin. Tetrahedron Letters, 40 (51). pp. 9133-9136.

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