The University of Liverpool Repository Policies: E-Theses

E-Theses Deposit Guide

  1. Before starting to complete the submission form depositors should have the following information available in order to complete the deposit easily:

    a. A copy of their completed Thesis Declaration form
    b. The correct name of their supervisor
    c. The name of the degree being awarded
    d. The level of the degree
    e. Funder or project information associated with the thesis
    f. The correct Faculty or/and department responsible for awarding the degree

  2. If you have misplaced your Thesis Declaration Form please contact the Depositors Helpline for assistance. A link to this service is available on the homepage.

  3. To deposit their thesis depositors should go to the University of Liverpool Research Archive (UoLRA) home page and click on the Deposit an Item button.

  4. The depositor will be asked to login using their Managed Windows username and password. If access is denied depositors should contact the Depositors Helpline. A link to this service is available on the UoLRA home page.

  5. When the depositor has logged in they will be taken to their Managed Deposits Page. From this page students can start their deposit. Whilst they are depositing their content depositors can save their deposit and return to the Managed Deposit page to complete it at another time.

  6. Depositors can start their deposit by clicking on the E-Theses Deposit button. This starts the e-theses submission process by allowing depositors to upload the full-text of their thesis and start entering information about it.

  7. Pressing the E-Theses Deposit button will take you to the Upload Page. Browse your files on your computer or your memory stick to identify the file which contains the final version of your thesis.

    Press the upload button to upload or save the document. Please consult the Submissions Policy for e-theses regarding which file formats to use. To move to the next screen press next or details.

  8. Depositors will be asked to complete a short form on the Details Page. Some of the fields will be pre-filled with information. If any information is inaccurate and you are not allowed to change it please indicate this in the Comments field.

    Depositors are strongly advised to ensure that they use their copy of the Thesis Declaration form to record information accurately. This information will be checked and if inaccurate will result in a delay in processing the deposit of your thesis.

    If either of your contact addresses on your Thesis Declaration Form has changed or is likely to change in the next six months please advise us on the Comments page and send us an email with "Address Change" in the subject line to the Depositors Helpline. In the message please provide your name, thesis title, student number and alternative address.

  9. To complete your deposit students must agree to the deposit agreement at the end of the submission form.

  10. If any problems are encountered with the deposit an email will also be sent to the student on receipt of their e-thesis.

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